China Mobile begins NFV cloud project

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

ARM, Cavium and Enea begin virtualisation project with China Mobile’s open NFV test laboratory

China Mobile is working with three international vendors – ARM, Cavium and Enea – on a trial of virtualisation technology.

The four companies will collaborate on network functions virtualisation (NFV) on the Chinese operator’s Open NFV test lab, which will host the platform as part of its telecom integrated cloud project.

China Mobile will use Enea’s NFV core platform and Cavium’s ThunderX workload-optimised data-centre server processors, which use ARM chip technology.

Noel Hurley, ARM business segments group’s vice president and general manager for its networking and servers business, said: “The network pipeline must be expanded, at scale, to support new computing across all markets, in the most efficient way possible.”

Cavium’s Raj Singh, vice president and general manager of its network and communication group, said the use of advanced commercial off-the-shelf hardware “allows us to provide highly scalable NFV solutions utilising standard software platforms and eco-systems for meeting these requirements”.

Karl Mörner, Enea’s senior vice president for product management, echoed this view: “The telecom industry is looking for a robust and high performing open source based NFV infrastructure built for telecom use cases.”