Amdocs shows off AI and smart cities projects at TM Forum

James Pearce
Published on:

TM Forum Live catalyst projects include Amdocs partnerships with Orange and NTT, and Bell Canada

Amdocs has unveiled a number of catalyst projects around smart cities and artificial intelligence (AI).

Amdocs has contributed to a smart city project, championed by Orange and NTT, which focuses on the creation of a new service provider business platform for delivering innovative and secured smart services to improve the quality of life and safety in cities.

The two operators have collaborated with Symantec, BearingPoint and ESRI for the project, which has already demonstrated a fully functioning prototype of a comprehensive and easy-to-use IoT digital service on a single platform.

Amdocs contributed its Revenue Guard which allows the Connected Citizen project to verify a subscriber’s identity and prevent possible equipment theft, unauthorized usage and unauthorized access.

At TM Forum Live, now taking place in Nice, Amdocs is also demonstrating the Sentimental Applications Catalyst project. Championed by Bell Canada, partners on the AI project include Amdocs, BeyondVerbal, CallVU and Microsoft.

It aims to demonstrate how artificial intelligence can dynamically shape application behaviour based on the real-time sentiment of the user interacting with the system.

Amdocs contributed a combination of Synonym, Semantic and Sentiment (S3) analysis, which it claims is key to understanding the customer’s needs.