Netcracker platform aims at IoT, 5G and AI

James Pearce
Published on:

Company launches Netcracker 12 products in time for TM Forum conference in Nice

Netcracker Technology has unveiled a new platform aimed at helping service providers bridge the digital divide using new technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), 5G and artificial intelligence (AI).

Netcracker 12 includes an enhanced product portfolio which aligns to the business, operational and infrastructure needs of digital service providers.

This includes Digital Customer Enablement, which leverages a multispeed architecture and advanced analytics to enable a seamless, omnichannel customer journey and experience, as well as Digital Business Enablement, which transforms legacy customer, partner and revenue management IT environments into cloud-based, flexible, cost-efficient and digitally enabled business systems.

“The continuous evolution of our product, service and solution suites represents our commitment to innovation in order to meet the constantly changing demands of our customers, who are transforming into digital service providers and virtualizing at a rapid pace,” said Sanjay Mewada, chief strategy officer at Netcracker, which is owned by NEC.

The company launched the platform on the eve of the TM Forum’s TM Live conference and exhibition in Nice.

Digital Operations Enablement helps service providers rapidly create and deliver new digital, virtualised, cloud and value-added services over hybrid networks.

It also comes with advanced analytics tools using AI to gain greater insights from internal and external operations, and a micro-services based cloud platform that is found in all of Netcracker’s products.

Mewada added: “Netcracker 12 provides that foundational platform with which service providers can compete successfully in the B2C market, rapidly move up the B2B value chain and migrate to a cloud and virtualised infrastructure seamlessly, profiting from the savings and higher ROI of cloud economics.”