Telcos jumpstart the digital drive; make the right choice to thrive!

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Vinay Firake talks about becoming a digital telco

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Vinay Firake, vice president & global business head, Wipro, BPS, Enterprise
Maya and Melissa living in two different countries have one common concern – telecom service issues. While Maya has frequent problems with slow internet speed, Melissa faces the challenge of call drops almost every day! This means most telecom organizations across the globe do not have a strong network coverage at every point of their telecom circle. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and increased churn rate. 

Becoming a digital Telco can help retain customers and increase profitability. To this end, telecom companies are reengineering their business systems and creating innovative offerings for customers by investing in cutting-edge digital technologies like automation, analytics, cloud-based platforms, etc. 

This involves adopting the ‘shift left’ approach, which gradually shifts the customer service model from assistant-care to self-care to proactive care to preventive care. Telecoms are automating their customer service systems and deploying self-care apps to empower customers and help them solve issues on their own. Further, investing in chatbots, which form the first line of customer support, ensures a unified customer experience across multiple chat-based platforms and devices like online messaging, web pages, smartphones, etc. These chatbots also allow data analytics on customer behavior and usage pattern, which helps them in upselling and cross selling successfully. 

Overall, most telecom companies are focusing on offering customers with an omni-channel service to provide a unified, seamless and personalized experience across multiple channels. By integrating agent-assisted channels with digital channels like chats and social media, Telcos are providing a cohesive customer experience to facilitate interaction whenever, wherever and however customers want, across all channels. 

For issues that still need human intervention, cloud-based agents working in contact centers use an analytics dashboard that provides a 360-degree view of the customer’s profile. The simpler interface allows agents to provide a more customized and memorable customer experience!  

Addressing Telcos main challenge with customer churn are a range of innovative BPaaS solutions that empower the contact centers with a robust analytics-driven churn management model. These solutions monitor customer usage and detect churn risk from live customer interactions to initiate dynamic real-time responses. This naturally improves customer satisfaction.

In this highly digitalized world, customers increasingly demand higher levels of satisfaction, better and easier support options and certainly, low-cost prices. Most of the Telcos have recognized the future and are trying to provide their customers with an uber experience by engaging them at key touchpoints. They are aiming to win customers by creating benefits from product usage, reducing hassles and satisfying their emotional needs. For, no matter which part of the world, a superior customer experience is the key lever for a telecom operator’s future market success.