NTT launches CloudWAN after global collaboration

Jason McGee-Abe
Published on:

NTT has introduced CloudWAN to deliver cloud-ready enterprise networks after a collaborative, worldwide development effort across several members of the NTT Group

Digital World 160 x 186Silicon Valley innovation centre, NTT Innovation Institute (NTT i3), Internet Solutions (IS), a pan-African telecoms services provider, and NTT PC Communications (NTTPC), a network service and communication solution provider in Japan, collaborated on the delivery of CloudWAN.

CloudWAN enables “radical responsiveness and unparalleled efficiency required by organisations to grow their footprint and accompanying IT infrastructure,” according to NTT. It combines both software-defined wide area network technology (SD-WAN) and network function virtualisation (NFV) into one environment, enabling enterprise customers to deliver advanced services to the computing edge.

"With CloudWAN, NTT Group delivers one-stop productive operation management for the entire ICT environment," said Hiromichi Shinohara, senior executive vice president and CTO for NTT. "By combining NTT i3's Silicon Valley-based R&D with the strengths and features of each NTT Group company, I believe we are a stronger company that significantly contributes to the business value of a wide variety of customers."

NTT is uniquely able to leverage the strengths and global presence of its operating companies to develop an open, agile product that weaves SD-WAN and NFV functionality into an intelligent service delivery fabric that drives rapid growth and expansion while minimising network costs, which helps to reduce complexity and increasing control.

Nina Simosko, president and CEO of NTT i3, added: "CloudWAN empowers businesses with an accelerated path to leverage new software easily and in an agile way at the edge of their network. This opens the door to a whole new level of business flexibility and enables rapid business transformation, and that is the heart and soul of what we do here at NTT i3."

NTT is planning staged rollouts of CloudWAN in June. GTB