Astellia and Zain Saudi Arabia win GTB innovation award

GTB Editor
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Creation of innovative CEM use cases leads to improved customer experience and new revenue generation

Sponsored contentEric Vanhaetsdaele 680x400Q. Can you explain the winning project for Predictive CEM Analytics in a few words? 

Yes indeed, we are really proud of this industry recognition. Over the last few years, Astellia and Zain Saudi Arabia have been partnering closely together on bringing the customer experience to a higher level by exploiting the subscriber and network data goldmine from Astellia’s Nova solution. The use of predictive and machine learning algorithms provides a clear added value to each of the innovative CEM use cases that are now being created and implemented by Astellia’s consultants and Zain teams. A few examples are churn prediction, dynamic subscriber base segmentation, NPS prediction and advanced QoE metrics for popular OTT applications such as YouTube.

Q. How do you guarantee continuous innovation?

In order to enhance our partnership with Zain and re-inforce our innovation capabilities, we have put in place a co-innovation virtual team consisting of Astellia project team, product development and Zain Service Operation Center, Marketing and Business teams. This CEM team discusses the different needs and prioritizes developments of innovative and value-added use cases based on ROI. It allows to gain in reactivity and efficiency.

Q. What can you tell us about Astellia’s churn prediction model?

Astellia assesses the behavior of active customers and their propensity to become dormant subscribers, and eventually become churners. Our churn prediction model takes into account not only CRM & billing data, but also more accurate information from Astellia’s monitoring solution such as service usage and daily network quality of experience (voice call disruption, voice call access, subscriber reachability, data throughput, etc.), on / off net, national / international communications, etc. Astellia adds thus the network view which allows our model to be much more efficient than traditional churn models.

Astellia provides a daily churn score, based on the propensity to churn within the following 5 days. This gives Marketing & Retention teams the time to act by proposing adapted offers and hence decrease the risk of churning. The use of predictive and machine learning algorithms provides a clear added value. Thanks to the churn prediction model we are 10 times more effective in singling out possible churners in the week before they are going to churn. 

Q. In what other ways do telecoms operators benefit from using Astellia’s solution and services?

With the revolution of big data, Astellia is continuously enriching its analytical solutions. This allows us for instance to better work together with marketing teams by providing them a clear picture of subscriber usage. They hereby can develop more suitable offers and finally increase customer satisfaction. Astellia helps them find new growth drivers through the exploitation of big data for their own use or for monetization purposes.

Astellia is naturally continuing the development of its products to support operators with the deployment of new technologies: real-time supervision, proactive network incident detection, customer complaints analysis, geolocation of IoT devices to name a few. This will help operators improve user experience and reduce operating costs. On top of this, a strong team of Astellia consultants is accompanying operators in their digital transformation and helping them get the most out of Astellia’s solution.