Vodafone Ireland invests €120 in IT overhaul

James Pearce
Published on:

Vodafone Ireland has announced a €120 million overhaul of its services and billing systems

The transformation of Vodafone’s IT estate will see the operator run a fully converged product and billing system for the first time, allowing customers across fixed, TV, mobile and broadband to receive a more streamlined experience.

It is the biggest single transformation project undertaken by Vodafone Ireland, and will see it decommission around 52% of all of its current IT applications.

The transformation will be spearheaded by CTO Madalina Suceveanu, who led the recent tests which saw Vodafone Ireland hit 1Gbp speeds over mobile broadband.

Vodafone said the rollout will be phased, with all existing bill-pay customers expected to move onto the new platform by summer 2017.

“We know a transformation of this size and scale can be complex. However, as we progress with our phased implementations, our focus will be on ensuring the programme delivers added value benefits to our existing customers, while minimising any interference to service,” Suceveanu said.

Vodafone UK was beset with problems last year after it overhauled its customer service systems, becoming the most complained about mobile operator in the UK for consecutive quarters. In October, regulator Ofcom hit Vodafone UK with a £4.6 million fine over its customer service woes.