Arista wins patent battle with Cisco over network security

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

US Patent Office finds in favour of Arista, but Cisco rival still needs to overturn ITO decision

Arista Networks has been freed to compete against Cisco after a decision by the US Patent Office on Ethernet switches.

Arista, led by CEO Jayshree Ullal, won a case over the validity of a network-security patent that had been granted to Cisco.

The decision follows a ruling last month by the US International Trade Commission (ITC) that Arista’s switches did violate Cisco patents. It imposed a ban that is due to go into effect next month.

Marc Taxay, Arista general counsel, told the Reuters news agency that it will seek to have the ITC’s ban overturned.

Arista and Cisco have a long history of rivalry. Ullal was a Cisco senior vice president, responsible for $10 billion in direct annual revenue from data centre, switching and services before she set up Arista nine years ago.