New Leipzig data centre for Tele Columbus’s HL komm

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

HL komm, part of Tele Columbus Group, contracts ICTroom to build new data centre in Leipzig

German internet and phone company HL komm has awarded a contract for a new data centre near its headquarters in Leipzig.

HL komm, part of cable operator Tele Columbus, awarded the contract to data centre specialist Penta Infrastructure, which has commissioned ICTroom to build the facility.

Richard Fahringer, CEO of HL kom, said: “This project is critical to the future of HL komm and Leipzig and no other vendor was capable to deliver the necessary knowledge, flexibility and experience.”

The deal was announced this morning at the Datacloud Europe conference in Monaco. The planned data centre in the industrial area Lindenau is the third data centre location for HL komm in Leipzig, a city in eastern Germany.

The new facility provides a high security environment for the operation of IT infrastructure and provides data storage under the German data sovereignty. Construction is due to be finished by the end of 2017.

HL komm said the data centre would be built in accord with the increasing demand for secure data management within the strict legislation surrounding data protection in Germany and the EU.