China Telecom COO calls it quits

Natalie Bannerman
Published on:

Chief operating officer Yang Xiaowei resigns from China Telecom, with no official explanation given

China Telecom has announced that its chief operating officer Yang Xiaowei has resigned, effective immediately.

In a statement, the operator said Yang had: “no disagreement with the board and did not have any matters in relation to his resignation that should be brought to the attention of shareholders". 

Yang, who was appointed to COO in April 2016, came into the role because of the sudden departure of CEO Chang Xiaobing in January 2016. He left as he was the subject of a corruption investigation. Chang was replaced by Yang Jie, who was at the time COO, with Yang becoming COO.

Yang Jie said in April the operator is facing increasingly intensive market competition, but had “a solid performance in its overall Q1 results, with steady enhancement in operating revenue and net profit”.

The company ended the statement in saying: "The board would like to express its sincere gratitude to Mr Yang for his valuable contribution to the company during his tenure".