Tigo Rwanda partners with Ericsson for BSS overhaul

James Pearce
Published on:

Millicom's Rwandan unit is first in the group to go live with Swedish vendor's BSS-as-a-service solution

Millicom’s Tigo Rwanda has partnered with Swedish vendor Ericsson to launch an overhaul of its Business Support System (BSS) ecosystem.

Tigo Rwanda is the first of Millicom’s operation to go live with Ericsson’s BSS-as-a-service solution, which covers charging, billing, provisioning, mediation, and roaming functionality.

Millicom, which has been operating the Tigo brand in Africa since 1993 and Rwanda since 2009, said the deployment of Ericsson’s solution has already began to improve the experience for its consumers and employees in the African country.

Xavier Rocoplan, chief technical and IT officer at Millicom said: "This is another major step in our IT transformation and process improvement journey. The 'as a Service' operating model is a very important component of our long term strategy. 

“This new way of looking at BSS activities is a cornerstone in Millicom's operational excellence program that strives at always delivering a better experience for our customers in a more efficient manner. The partnership with Ericsson has enabled us to quickly meet our strategic needs and provide a solid foundation for future development.

Ericsson was named one of the leaders in BSS and OSS (operational support systems) in a recent GTB article on the technology.

The BSS-as-a-service solution enables Tigo to develop new and innovative offerings for it customers with an improved time to market, according to Ericsson.

Rafiah Ibrahim, Ericsson SVP and head of market area Middle East and Africa, explained: "Our partnership with Tigo Rwanda and the implementation of Ericsson's innovative BSS 'as a Service' model signifies an important first step towards future collaboration across the Millicom group. 

“We are confident that the trust and cooperation embedded in this business model, which lies at the center of revenue generation for Tigo, will further strengthen the strategic relationship in BSS between Tigo Rwanda and Ericsson, as well as the entire Millicom group."