KT launches AI research centre

Natalie Bannerman
Published on:

Korean operator unveils its new facility, the AI tech centre in Seoul as the company bolsters its presence in AI technology

In a quest to find future growth drivers and accelerate its AI-related research, KT - formerly Korea Telecom - opened its AI tech centre within its Institute of Convergence Technology in southern Seoul.

The launch of the new centre also saw the introduction of its super computing system called the "graphic processing unit (GPU) computing cluster". According to the company the system has a 720,000 GPU core, the largest in Korea in terms of graphic processing capability and backs up the processing of massive amounts of data for AI and deep-learning technology research, the company also plan on hiring 50 new staff to bolster productivity in the AI sector.

Leading the new facility is KT’s vice president Kim Jin-Han, speaking on the launch of the new centre Kim said: "I pledge to make the KT AI Tech Centre take a leading role in boosting research on AI technologies and in the development of related services. To this end, the tech centre will concentrate on improving our AI-based digital assistant GiGA Genie and advance the company's AI platform business."

The news follows a pledge made by the company’s CEO Hwang Chang-Gyu, earlier this year to build the AI tech centre as well as their first AI technology offering in the form of the 'GiGA Gini’ box an AI-based TV service.