Saudi Arabia briefly shuts offices of three mobile operators

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

Mobily, Saudi Telecom and Zain ordered to shut Riyadh offices as government ‘sends a message’ to abide by consumer rules

Saudi authorities have ordered the country’s three mobile operators to shut – for a brief time – their offices in the city of Riyadh.

The Communications and Information Technology Authority (CITA) issued the order to Mobily, Saudi Telecom and Zain in two separate statements without giving a clear explanation.

It cited simply “violations relating to the implementation of the authority’s decision on the document of protecting the users”, in statements issued by the official Saudi Press Agency.

The agency added: “In coordination with the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, the authority confirmed no lenience to take whatever measures towards regulation violators.”

One operator told Global Telecoms Business: “The government is sending a message to all the operators to abide by some requirements. I believe they closed one main store for all three operators. That was it.”

Arab News, published in Jeddah, added a bit more light, referring to “the violation of consumer protection rights”, quoting the representative of one of the three saying “The commission has issued some guidelines, which the telecom providers failed to implement.” It is believed that all offices have now been re-opened.