China Unicom partners with Ericsson to launch Gigabit Network

Natalie Bannerman
Published on:

China Unicom and Ericsson commercially delploy China's first Gigabit LTE network

China Unicom and Ericsson has commercial deployed China’s first Gigabit LTE network, allowing customers to access high-speed mobile broadband services. 

The first phase of the launch will see passengers on the Hainan Island high-speed train, be able to watch the launch ceremony LTE broadcast technology and the Gigabit wireless network. As Ericsson are partners of China Unicom, they are exclusive providers of the LTE broadcast solution.

Ericsson’s LTE broadcast solution leverages three new standards: eMBMS, HEVC (H.265) and MPEG DASH directly meeting the need for media services among consumers. Ericsson recently supported China Unicom with eMBMS in the high-speed train scenario enabling passengers to watch high-definition video without buffering on the network.

Hao Liqian, general manager of China Unicom the Hainan branch, says: “This remarkable achievement will fulfill our strategy to offer the most advanced services to individuals and enterprises on the China Unicom network. Our launch ceremony today is important, innovative and fun, since we’re using Virtual Reality on a high-speed train over a high-speed network to prove the worthiness of this launch.”

In addition Ericsson supported China Unicom in setting up a 1Gbps network in Guangdong, Hainan, Shandong, and Beijing with peak speeds of up to 979Mbps. In effect it takes just 13 seconds to download a 1080P high-definition movie on the network. There are on-going 1Gbps trials taking place in Sichuan, Hubei, Shanxi, Jilin and Jiangsu province. 

The upgrade by Ericsson is said to not only provide an unrivaled network experience for customers, but also in making full use of network resources, it will improve profitability.

Chris Houghton, head of market area North East Asia, Ericsson, says: “We’re literally putting the network into the hands of the subscribers on day one.  People will be able to immerse themselves in their video experience and not just understand, but feel, the difference with a Gigabit LTE network while they are moving at very fast speeds.  It’s the perfect combination of thrilling speeds – physically and virtually.”