Out: Ericsson says goodbye to former acting CEO Frykhammar

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

Jan Frykhammar and fellow advisor Magnus Mandersson ‘to pursue other opportunities’ from tonight, says Ericsson

The man who took over leadership of Ericsson after the board fired Hans Vestberg is to leave the company today.

In a short announcement this morning Ericsson said that both Jan Frykhammar, who was acting CEO for six months, and Magnus Mandersson are to leave on 7 November “to pursue other opportunities”.

Börje Ekholm, who took over as president and CEO in January, said: “Jan and Magnus have been part of guiding Ericsson through the incredible transformation that the industry has gone through the past 15 years.”

The departures are just the latest two in a series of changes at the top that Ekholm has put in place since he arrived at the top of the company in January.

Rima Qureshi, former head of the company’s operations in North America, left this year and is now at Verizon, where she is working with Vestberg.

Jean-Claude Geha, president of sub-Saharan Africa operations, left mid-year to join Deutsche Telekom.

Frykhammar was CFO until the board fired Vestberg first thing on a Monday morning in July 2016. He became acting CEO, but always said he did not want to become full-time CEO.

Mandersson headed a number of Ericsson business units including global services, Northern Europe and CDMA mobile systems, before becoming – like Frykhammar – an adviser to the CEO.

Ekholm said: “Jan Frykhammar has been invaluable to the company during his 26 years at Ericsson, not least when stepping up as interim CEO in a time when leadership and momentum was of utmost importance.”

He added: “Magnus has been instrumental in building up the company’s services business, and in establishing and nurturing some of our most important customer relationships. I wish Jan and Magnus all the best in their future endeavours.”

In the same announcement Ekholm gave the head of the networks business area, Fredrik Jejdling, the additional title of executive vice president.