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EU signs declaration on 5G leadership

19 Jul 17

Member states agreed to establish a common baseline for 5G standards in Europe following industry warnings that the region faces falling behind the US and Asia

TIM to launch 5G in San Marino in 2018

17 Jul 17

TIM and the government of the Republic of San Marino sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to create a 5G mobile network in the country by the end of 2018

Play IPO valued at more than €1bn

14 Jul 17

Poland's Play Communications expects its upcoming IPO to become one of the biggest in recent telecoms history after valuing shares at more than €1 billion

Apple set to open data centre in China

13 Jul 17

Due to new cyber-security legislation in the region Apple has announced the construction of a new data centre in partnership with a government-owned company

Etisalat leaves Nigeria

11 Jul 17

The Etisalat Group, parent company of Etisalat Nigeria, has terminated its management agreement with the subsidiary

KT launches AI research centre

10 Jul 17

Korean operator unveils its new facility, the AI tech centre in Seoul as the company bolsters its presence in AI technology